Modern medicine is approaching closely boundaries of something that used to be science fiction world with all of its high technology advancements, superb medical gadgets, and instruments. There’s a wide collection of these powerful tools that often come in the form of portable, pocket devices, but might save your life. Here’s a brief overview of some of them.

Gamma knife or Cyber Knife

A lifesaving thing to many oncology patients. This high-tech medical instrument replaces successfully old-fashioned manner of surgical approach with blades and scalpels. It uses radiation beams to cut off malignant tissue in the completely non-invasive way.

Robots with multiple arms

The most reputed model of this powerful technique is certainly DaVinci SI HD System. This massive medical equipment settled in many surgical rooms worldwide provides HD 3D resolution of body’s inside and multiple arms with instruments, enabling surgeons to skip the actual work and conduct procedure by directing robots via the massive console.

Swallow the cam

PillCam is a modern replacement for many endoscopy procedures and a great helping hand to surgeons and other doctors. Namely, instead of undergoing typical endoscopy procedure, now you can just swallow this pill-shaped camera, and the doctors will detect the inner situation in your body in far more convenient manner. Antenna Pill is another modification of this medical gadget, except it has a dose of the drug at one end and microchip at the other.

Temperature Modulation Therapy devices

All the work neurosurgeons and cardio surgeons conduct have become far easier and more convenient since the Inner Cool RTx System appeared on the market of medical devices. This instrument helps to cool the inside of patient’s body, enabling these procedures to last for few hours without causing serious damage to other tissue.

Scanning in less than a second

Siemens has constructed Somatom Definition Flash CT Scanner, a powerful gadget that scans your heart or even a whole chest in less than a second and detects potential problem precisely without any preparation for scanning.

Print yourself a new tissue

3D printers providing biomaterial, tissues and new organs are future lifesaving technology to every patient requiring serious restoring of the organism. Aside from printing biomaterials for tissues, 3D printers provide printed drugs, which saves lives in many emergency situations.