Our Story

With High Tech Private Equity providing financial resources for marketing company HOT-Oncotherm, scientific work and ideas of Prof. Dr. A. Szasz got the support and a necessary input to give Hyperthermia a new place and value within the cancer treatment.

The field of cancer research and treatment is constantly changing and improving with brand-new ideas and innovations breaking into it. Treatment based upon principles of hyperthermia used within the OncoTherm products is under the spotlight currently, as a new hope for cancer patients. These products are a novelty in oncology and require strategic, thoughtful approach to being presented to the medical market, medical practitioners and oncology patients. Our company is dedicated to providing a link between OncoTherm products and everyone in the field of cancer treatment.

The aim of the company is the construction of a medium-sized Company within the field of Hyperthermia with different equipment of the Oncotherm Kft. To develop a flexible strategy for different situations on the market.

Foundation of continuous improvement and competitiveness is a wide-ranging manifold innovation. Our goal is implementing the latest scientific results and technical performances into our products. We believe that research-development-innovation can be effective only in that case.

Another goal is to retain our market-leader position in Europe in the area of local hyperthermia services.

It’s not only medical technology – it’s HIGH TECH MEDICINE. Permanent improving researches on cancer and various ways of defeating the disease. OncoThermia is a progressive and successful way…