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10 Most Technologically Advanced Hospitals in the World

Worldwide, there are hospitals providing health care to all categories of patients in all medical fields using the latest technology and powerful instruments and devices. These health centers have become breathtaking institutions when considered the equipment and advanced technology health care providers use here for diagnosing and treating. Herе’s a list of top ten currently the most technologically advanced hospitals worldwide. Mayo Clinic in Florida Even the laymen have heard of Mayo Clinic, one of the oldest and most reputable medical institutions worldwide. Mayo Clinic has almost two centuries-long traditions of prestige medical care, and nowadays this clinic provides...

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High-tech medical care and its availability

Significant progress of technology and various aspects of digitalization have inevitably influenced modern medicine and the whole field of health care service providing. Aside introduction of different high-tech devices and systems, technological evolution is transforming the infrastructure of health care system, as well as procedures used in traditional health care approach. Medical technologies are directing traditional system towards remote treatments, application of medical devices within patients’ houses and focusing its powers onto preventive health care, rather than healing. High-tech technology and devices There are two main directions that are applying, and the introduction of modern medical devices is playing...

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OncoThermia Devices And Products

Hyperthermia is a rapidly developing treatment method in cancer- and tumor-therapy. HOT-OncoTherm is dealing with a new and highly effective hyperthermia method: OncoThermia. Conventional hyperthermia applies heat to achieve curative influence. The consequence of the regional overheating is the higher metabolism in the tumor-region. The expected effect was mainly to change the pH-environment of the malignant tissue by the elevated temperature based on the higher rate of metabolism, accompanied with the lack of the increased blood perfusion. The consequential oxygen deprivation and nutrient impoverishment will generate massive acidosis because of the anaerobic energy production. This mechanism denatures the enzymes...

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7 high-tech medical gadgets that just might save your life

Modern medicine is approaching closely boundaries of something that used to be science fiction world with all of its high technology advancements, superb medical gadgets, and instruments. There’s a wide collection of these powerful tools that often come in the form of portable, pocket devices, but might save your life. Here’s a brief overview of some of them. Gamma knife or Cyber Knife A lifesaving thing to many oncology patients. This high-tech medical instrument replaces successfully old-fashioned manner of surgical approach with blades and scalpels. It uses radiation beams to cut off malignant tissue in the completely non-invasive way....

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Basic Principles Of The Method

Utilization of thermal energy in various medical procedures and treatments is rather an ancient approach, well known and wide spread for decades. Application of heat onto tissue causes vasodilatation and increased blood flow in a given area, improves nutrition and oxygen supplying of the local cells and consequentially leads to higher rates of metabolism in a given tissue. Additional effects of thermal therapy are decreased pain and muscle spasm, as well as certain changes in pH values of extracellular environment locally. All of these characteristics have been used in many medical fields and branches as an integrated procedure in...

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